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Our goals


After many years working together a group of marine engineers decide to create a place where to share experiences, events, job ofertes, discussions, books and documents. This idea became true with this Web site where all members can share and enjoy the benefits of the group, supported by some of our main suppliers, Crew & Management agencies and equipment brands with events,training and documents.


A marine engineering social network where you can share posts, events, training courses, news, etc. from yourself or another social networks where every body with your same interest can enjoy and meet each other at any port you travel around the world and remember together we will be better.


This forum is the place where you can open any kind of topics in the structure created by our team organised like a vessel organisation. The scope of only open topics in this structure is to keep organised all doubts and solutions of our members and keep there for further questions of new members.


A place to share jobs opened by yourself, social networks and our crew agencies partners who will guaranty the best position on board the best vessels depending of our skills and vessels requests and conditions at all levels electrical, mechanical, engineers, day workers, temporal and deliveries.


This KNOWLEDGE BANK want to be the place to share books, user & service manuals, procedures, etc. by manufactures who support our community and all documents we have in our computers, also you will be able to upload the interest documents you want to share with all members of our community.